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Cybersecurity Monthly Retainer: 15-20 Hours/Week

Cybersecurity Monthly Retainer: 15-20 Hours/Week

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Tailored Solutions for Comprehensive collaboration on and delivering comprehensive solutions to safeguard your organization's digital assets and ensure a robust security posture for the company and its people.

Scope of Services (can be any of the following):

  • DevSecOps Implementation:
    • Integration of security practices into the software development lifecycle
    • Automation of security processes 
  • Testing:
    • Regular security testing to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities
    • Continuous testing throughout the development cycle
  • Monitoring:
    • Leveraging existing real-time monitoring solutions and assisting in configuration and selection of additional solutions
    • Incident response and remediation in the event of security incidents
  • Containerization:
    • Implementation and management of secure containerized environments
    • Integration of security measures within container orchestration platforms
  • Cybersecurity activities support
    • RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)
    • VM (Vulnerability Management)
    • Policy GAP Analysis and Identification
    • Log stream aggregation and analytics

Retainer Terms:

  • Hours per Week: 15-20 hours
  • Monthly Retainer Fee: $4,000
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